The Scientific Council of the magazine is represented by members of the scientific body for development of the staff of The Faculty of Choral Conducting, Church Music, Arts Education, Eurhythmics, and Jazz:
prof. zw. dr hab. Waldemar Górski,
prof. zw. Marek Rocławski,
prof. zw. Bogusław Grabowski,
prof. zw. Leszek Kułakowski

Editorial committee:
prof. zw. dr hab. Waldemar Górski (editor-in-chief),
ad. dr hab. Anna Galikowska – Gajewska, ad. dr Gabriela Konkol (academic editing),
dr Roman Nieczyporowski, dr Grzegorz Piotrowski,
dr Michał Kierzkowski, dr Michał Kozorys

widely understood education in art and culture and accompanying issues.

ART | CULTURE | EDUCATION, scientific magazine which appeared in 2010 by the Faculty of Choir Conducting, Music Education and Eurhythmics of the Academy of Music in Gdańsk is a publishing base of the academic environment, representatives of science and art interested in widely understood artistic education as well as students. We are waiting for materials whose approximate size is between 4 and 16 standarized pages (7 200 – 28 800 characters and spaces). Please submit the materials exclusively in an electronic form and send them to the electronic address of the editorial office. The selected works are going to be published in the magazine after receiving positive reviews.

See the detailed rules of publication.

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